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Hobby of night, is my first typography of 2013, is a font created with the silence of the night and the passion of an intoxicating entertainment as drawing and typography design. In honor of this hobby I put the name.

This is a display font, thick, without serif and condensed, has all the Latin (369) and can be used for all European languages​​.
With this you can compose typography posters, billboards or affiches and use it to design your brochures, flyers or publications, ideal for big titles and labels.

The letter shapes inspired by the deformation of rubber letters when pressed by the thumb and index finger on the top and bottom creating a concave curve, and in turn, a convex curve on the sides.

Thanks for supporting my work. Fernando Haro

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Nota de direitos autorais
Copyright (c) 2013 by deFharo. All rights reserved.
Família da fonte
H0bby of night
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Identificação única da subfamília
deFharo: H0bby of night: 2013
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H0bby of night is a trademark of deFharo.
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Copyright (c) 2013 by deFharo. All rights reserved.

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Plataformas suportadas

Plataforma Codificaçăo
Unicode Unicode 2.0 e semântica em diante, Unicode BMP só.
Macintosh Romano
Microsoft Unicode BMP só

Detalhes da fonte

Criado: 2013-01-05
Revisăo: 2
Contagem de glifos: 366
Unidades por Em: 1000
Direitos de Incorporaçăo: Incorporação para instalação permanente
Classe da família: Sem classificaçăo
Peso: Negrito
Amplitude: Médio-condensada
Estilo para Mac: Negrito
Endereço: Apenas glifos fortemente da esqueda para a direita + neutros
Padrăo natural: Regular
Afastamento: Năo monoespaçado